KYSON® Audible Flashcards For Children

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Unlocking your child's potential has never been so fun! 😍

✔️ Interactive, Fun & Educational

✔️ Develops Language & Speech

✔️ Improves Vocabulary & Memory



Using great sound effects and colourful pictures, Talking Flash Cards teaches both audio and visual recognition of essential words, perfect for preschoolers and early readers.


" This is very interactive for kids, they can play and learn on their own with little help. My kid is enjoying this every day and this keeps her busy on her own. Very good and must buy. " - Kriti


Talking Flash Cards has no screen! Your little ones will have reduced screen time while learning new words and having loads of fun!
Additionally, there are built-in buttons to adjust volume and repeat the sounds!



1. Press the power button and the welcome message will play.
2. Insert any card to hear the word's pronunciation and sound effect!

1.【112 Flash Cards with 224 Words】This learning toys contain 112pcs flash cards (Double sided) which include 224 words. including animals, vehicles, foods, fruits, colors, vegetables, daily nesessities, costumes, nature, persons, jobs and shapes. Great Learning tools for enhance cognitive ability.

2.【Speaking Educational Cards】This baby toy can simulate the sounds of animals and cars and many other topics Not just pronouncing the words, but also it is making up some sounds of the words , Colorful illustrations and fun sounds can attract your kid’s attention and learning interest.

3.【Protect Your Children’s Eyes】There is no electronic screen on the device, no internet required. Learn objects with cards rather than staring at computer or phones. Away from electronics and focus at this moment.

4.【Easy to Operate】It is easy for little toddler to use, just insert the cards to reading machine, then it works. Card insertion can also exercise baby's hand-eye coordination,USB charging and it convenient to carry and play anywhere.